Website design is one of the most critical factors for your business. Your website is your online store, a place where you display your merchandise – products or services – the whole world in the hope that comprarán and you can generate business income. The critical point here, therefore, is visibility. It is necessary that this website be visible to as many people as possible; only then will you find out your existence and consider buying what you intend to sell.
SEO Vis-a-vis Web design ± or \\\\\\\\ rThe visibility of your website depends on how well the search engines find it. In instagram followers to make it visible and prominent for search engines, there are some SEO factors that you should be aware of. \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ SEO is short for search engine optimization \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\, the process and the methods © all used to make the search engine \\\\\\\\ view \\\\\\\\ and \\\\ \\\\ read \\\\ \\\\ your website. A good website design would ensure that the website is perfectly SEO-ed.
This is important because only when the search engines, and \\\\\\\\ \\\\\\\\ view \\\\\\\\ \\\\ \\\\ read your website is displayed on the page of search engine results (SERP). Unless the name of your website is displayed in the first two SERPs, your website does not exist for the web surfer.
4 Important SEO Factors
Content is king – While the design ± or website is critical to SEO, even more important it is the quality of content that is publishing. The Internet user does not have time for nonsense. If you do not find something really interesting on your website, let’s say in 10 seconds of browsing, it will go – and you would have lost a potential customer. Make sure your content is excellent and interesting.
Easy navigation – a good website design would have the surfer getting to what he wants in a maximum of 3 clicks; if it is done it is less clicks it is all the better. Therefore, the website should have relevant and easy to use sub-categories. Always has a site map to help search engine to find the changes you make to your site faster and easier.
Use Long Tail Keywords: For better visibility, your website design should include as many long tail keywords as possible. Check what appears later when you type your keyword; sprinkle as many terms as possible on the content of your website.
Social media is your best ally – Make inclusion of social media an integral part of your website design. How? Have links to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media out there. The more the better here, for this is the quickest way to promote viral marketing of your website.

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