JBL Control Now outdoor shelf is a pleasant surprise. I did not expect these speakers to work forcefully, especially given the small size that seemed to be between an iPod speaker and a full exterior speaker (with the power and strong bass to boot). The design seemed gimmicky and was less than convinced with the JBL suggestions for its use. But after plugging it in, I must say, all my doubts were impressed.
First, let’s take a look at the specs (to satisfy real audiophiles). The speaker offers 50W of continuous power, 300W of maximum power with a range of frequency response between 80Hz to 30kHz. The speakers use low frequency polypropylene conductors with magnetic shielding 4, while the high frequency is handled by 3/4 \\ (19 mm) titanium laminating tweeters.
I do not expect you to understand a word from the previous paragraph (if you tell the truth, I do not even understand many aspects). For the layman, the only important thing is how these specifications translate into actual performance.
At first, the speakers seem to be strangely designed. At first glance, the semi-elliptical form seems difficult and difficult to handle. However, once you realize that the individual speaker units can be stacked one on top of the other or joined horizontally, you get to understand the absolute brightness of this design.
JBL Control Now loudspeakers are sold in individual units. Each unit is a separate speaker system. Individual units can be arranged together to create myriads of shapes to fit in virtually any space in your home. Combine three speaker units together around one corner, stack two on top of each other for powerful, compact configuration, or turn one unit upside down to install it on the ceiling.
This design makes these speakers very versatile, especially if you do not like the wide speaker stands that occupy the entire space of your living room. By combining two or three units together, you can multiply the effectiveness of the speakers several times. You have to see the possible arrangements to truly understand this versatility.
The loudspeakers are weather-resistant and housed in a durable durable-
At 12 pounds, these speakers are not light. The speakers are sold in two colors: black and white; the white speakers look great on a boat.
I would recommend these whole-hearted speakers based on the design alone. But performance is important, and these outdoor JBL speakers do not disappoint in this count either.

With a maximum power of 300 W, these speakers are adequately powerful for regular use. The 3/4 \\\\\\\\ tweeters do a great job of rendering high frequency, while the mid range is very clear and strong. Bass, like most speaker systems without a subwoofer, lacks puncture. At auditory mania , you want to complement these speakers with a powerful subwoofer.
The best part of the JBL Control Now Bookshelf outdoor loudspeakers is their great versatility and well-rounded performance. If you want a better bass, you should look elsewhere. For everyone else, these speakers are ideal for regular use and will work great with your home theater system as well. The unique design makes it incredibly easy to assemble for a clutter-free home theater solution.

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