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If you live somewhere in downtown San Diego and you’re looking for a nice Asian Massage, or perhaps a great foot massage, you might want to check out this place at 629 8th Av, called Green Bamboo Massage offering the traditional Japanese Shiatsu massage and foot reflexology. Looking for a spa or any massage joint is easy nowadays coz you practically see one every avenue. But looking for a quality massage, and something that will suit your budget will take a little more time to do. If you walk along the area, you would note that this place may not look excellent from the outside, but hell, let people talk and tell you how this place could give you the best Japanese Shiatsu Massage and a Foot Reflexology at an affordable price. Asian Massage

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I guess this place would prove how true the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” goes. The place takes pride in their experienced staff who were trained back in Japan and had practiced for a long time in California’s finest spas. Their χαλαρωτικό μασάζ services are well-talked about. First, it is ridiculously cheap  –  $30 for a full hour of invigorating foot massage. They call it ‘foot reflexology,’ alright, but your $30 would take you quite far. You get a quick massage on your head, neck, shoulders and your whole body while you’re seated in that big comfy recliner. They offer a half-hour service if you’re a bit pressed for time. For $20, you get 30 minutes of incredible Japanese footwork.

With friendly, smiling faces, you walk yourself inside a big dimmed room lined with those recliners, and you could get to pick where you want to have your ‘treatment.’ You get your feet soaked in a nice tub of water while they work on the rest of your body, which, is quite an experience. However, if you’re used to expensive spas with soothing music, this won’t be the kind of place for you. Green Bamboo is more of a place where you come in, ask for the service you want, pick your recliner, and then everyone does their business. You wouldn’t find the ‘spa’ music and aromatic diffusers inside and none of the 5-star spa rituals whatsoever.

But mind you, every massage session is always an excellent, renewed experience. Their shiatsu massage starts at $25 for half an hour and $45 for a full hour. No matter how good, some people still couldn’t get enough from an hour of massage and would go further for their $69 90-minute shiatsu. They used to offer a starter pack of $15 for about 15 minutes, not very sure if that is still available though. Nonetheless, anyone who would step inside that big dark room would know 15 minutes would never be enough. With prices already great, they take credit cards as well. How convenient!

Foot Reflexology is known as an excellent alternative medicine that sets the body back to balance  –  as Japanese believe that if there is an imbalance or disturbance of any of your ‘body elements’, that’s how pain comes about. Just remember though that there may also be a little pain during the session since they use a particular kind of pressure which is necessary to trigger your nerves. Not all people understand the body map as to which and where should be manipulated to trigger the important referred organ and pain.

But hey, I guess that’s the reason why we come to these places. Some people would certainly want to know ‘what they’re going through’ yet a useful reminder for those who are out to have a great time in Asian massage joints: leave it to the reflexologist. They didn’t put up that place to break your bones or anything. Just be sure to let them know what you want before the session begins (whether you prefer mild, moderate or deep tissue massage), then just go ahead and enjoy every moment while they are working out your knots.

Shiatsu, on the other hand, is known to be useful in many conditions like anxiety, migraines, depression, nausea, arthritis, cramps  –  but if you just went through a hell of a week and wanted shiatsu just because, why not? You would find how this form of massage would turn you into a new person. It is said to be the Japanese equivalent of China’s acupressure treatments, both may not be substantiated medically, but hey, we’ve heard how many millions around the world claimed how these methods had worked wonders on them.

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