Smoothie recipes

Smoothies are the healthiest and the most delicious drinks that are immensely popular among all the age groups. If you prepare a glass of strawberry smoothie, not a single member of your family is going to refuse it. Such is the magic of this drink that you will be almost forced to ask for more!

The addition of fruits, vegetables, and calcium-rich dairy items enhance its nutritional level. Even your mother is not going to stop you from having it every day. Instead, I would encourage you to have it regularly with, or even as your breakfast.

No matter how tempting a recipe is, you cannot have it daily. After a point of time, you will reach a saturation level, where you would want to try something else.You cannot have strawberry or banana smoothies every single day. Therefore, this article illustrates various easy smoothie recipes that you can include in your breakfast and break the monotonous one-flavor-Smoothie!The Major Requirement to Enjoy Any Smoothie Whether you are making easy smoothie recipes or not, that depends to a large extent on the blender ( braun multiquick7 ) you use.

It has to be strong enough to blend anything finely (Looking for a real good blender, read this review). There should not be any chunks left in a smoothie. A good blender can also make the most arduous recipe very simple.You do not have to wake up early in the morning to make the breakfast smoothie.

When you have all the ingredients available, you just need one essential thing to make a smoothie, that is, the blender. You just have to ensure that it is the optimum class and has a long warranty period. It is a onetime investment that is going to bear long-term fruits (and Smoothies).Ingredients in Smoothie RecipesAll the easy smoothie recipes include healthy as well as fatty food.

It depends on you whether you want to incorporate a diet smoothie or the one that is loaded with cream and chocolates. However, it is better to indulge once in a while in the fatty ones. Although smoothies are full of vitamins and minerals, yet our addition of extra flavors and toppings increase the unhealthy content in it.Along with the fruit smoothies, you should also add green smoothies to your diet.

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This will help you to get the much-needed protein from the plants. Also, if you are striving hard to add that extra fat in your body, then you can gain that by having smoothies regularly. As mentioned, this magical drink is loaded with benefits.Easy Smoothie Recipes That You Can Try

Here is a list of all easy smoothie recipes that you can prepare quickly

Add one bowl mango cubes in two cups coconut water and one tsp lime juice. Blend this mixture and flavor it with a tsp of cayenne. Do not forget to add ice to add the cooling sensation.In two cup green tea, add one and a half cup frozen blueberries and honey. You can put ice if you want it chilled.

Add one chopped green apple, half cup parsley and one banana in half cup water. Mix them in a blender and add ice in it.Add one cup frozen blueberry, one banana, three tsp almond butter, three dates and two tsp flax seed oil.

Add lemon juice and ice. Add one banana, half cup tofu and two cup frozen berries in half cup orange juice. Blend this mixture and add ice in it.Add two cup strawberries, a banana in half cup soy milk with two tsp honey.In one and a half cup blackberries, add half cup yogurt and buttermilk.

Mix one tsp honey and cinnamon in this.You can have this creamy smoothie by adding half avocado, one tsp honey and vanilla extract in half cup Greek yogurt and pear juice.

Add half cup mint or basil and two cup mango cubes in one cup fresh orange as well as carrot juice.

The most common smoothie especially a favorite of the kids is very easy to make. You have to mix half cup peanut butter, one banana, and one tsp honey in one cup milk.

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