For several decades, the GLBT community has dropped through the cracks as far as addiction therapy or drug rehab programs go in Key West, Florida. Not only can there be a higher prevalence of drug misuse and alcohol misuse among the GLBT population, however, the relapse rate is higher than it has to be. Lots of in the drug rehab arena think it is due to the lack of homosexual, bisexual and gay drug rehab programs in Key West. It is very important that drug rehab plans produce dependence treatment models that keep a high degree of sensitivity toward the special needs of particular populations, such as those of gay, lesbian, and transgender clients.

GLBT Addiction Treatment Programs- There are several ways this can be accomplished. A drug rehab program may grow to be a homosexual drug rehab program and treat only GLBT patients, which is effective but does not really resemble the real world. Another approach is the development of a gay friendly drug rehab or gay friendly alcohol rehab program, that has at the minimum, a GLBT component with an addiction treatment team capable of addressing the issues related to the GLBT population in Key West Promoting Risk Reduction While”coming out”, internalized homophobia are important issues to tackle in a gay friendly drug addiction treatment centre in Key West, there should be continuing education as it pertains to high risk behaviour. While in drug detox center or alcohol rehab in Key West, schooling concerning safe sex practices, syringe sharing, screening and advocacy groups are vitally important.

Growing skills and promoting hazard reduction are important from the alcohol and drug rehab program, as is assuring treatment for any physical and emotional health issues (like tuberculosis; hepatitis A, B, and Csexually transmitted diseases aside from HIV/AIDS; dental problems; diabetes; poor nourishment; and melancholy ). For clients with HIV/AIDs, both the behavioral and alcohol and drug rehab program should work closely together with neighborhood specialty organizations such as HIV care agencies, in addition to the person’s primary care doctor to market risk reduction.

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